Steppenwolf’s “The Minutes” a Hilarious, Disturbing Play

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Early in Steppenwolf Theatre’s latest play, The Minutes by Tracy Letts, the newest member of the town council of Big Cherry is called upon to start the week’s meeting with an invocation. At first a bit taken aback—separation of church and state, anyone?—he obliges, muddling through a lengthy epistle to the Lord in praise of the […]

“Barney the Elf” a campy, gay Christmas musical change of pace

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If your Christmas has been over-Caroled and your Nuts have all been Cracked and you’re just searching for something totally different from your holiday entertainment, you’ll find it at the Greenhouse Theatre Center, where Other Theatre has returned with its third incarnation of the gay camp Christmas musical Barney the Elf that, if one can judge from the reaction […]

Paramount’s “Elf” Is Simply Sparklejollytwinklejingley

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The magic onstage at the Paramount Theatre’s Broadway-quality production of Elf the Musical doesn’t even wait for the show to begin. Parents with young children will surely appreciate the projected elves that pop up in almost all of the set’s “windows,” drinking hot chocolate, winking, or waving at the audience. Watching for them is surely a […]

Northlight’s “Book of Will” a Hilarious and Poignant Look at History

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  Any lit major, actor, director or English teacher—and I’m four for four in that count—will tell you without a moment’s hesitation that the most important literary figure in Western history is the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, a man we don’t know all that much about but whose legacy includes some 39 plays, 154 […]