Steppenwolf’s Hilarious BLKS Is All About Friendship

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“There’s something intrinsic about a couch in black culture,” Aziza Barnes, the author of BLKS, the hilarious and often powerful play about being young, female, and black, says in an interview published in the play’s program. “It’s like a porch for city dwellers…It’s really evocative of a pioneer life and what matters and what mattered was a place that you or anyone could […]

Theatre Person of the Month: Delia Kropp

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“I was kind of upset. You could tell there was not a transgender person within twenty yards of the rehearsal room” Delia Kropp, one of Chicago’s preeminent transgender actors and advocates, is speaking of theatres trying to tell trans stories without actually consulting trans people. “What the directors usually say is ‘I have a friend […]

Uneven “That’s Weird, Grandma” Worth a Watch With Your Kids

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Tucked way up on the north side is a grungy little storefront theater. This theater usually houses the performances of the NeoFuturist theater company (the geniuses behind Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind). As a special holiday treat, though, Barrel of Monkeys has revived its hit That’s Weird, Grandma: Holiday Stories. This company does […]

Harmony France and Firebrand Theatre Are Out to Make a Change

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A firebrand is, according to’s dictionary, a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically inciting change and taking radical action. goes further, adding “agitator” and “troublemaker” to the definition. Somehow I don’t think that any of these would be offensive to Harmony France, co-founder and Artistic Director of Firebrand Theatre, Chicago’s only Equity […]