FAQ / Review Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When will you guys have your own complete lists of current and upcoming shows?
    • This one is harder. We have tried. Honestly. It just isn't easy to maintain when we don't know enough about html to get it to auto-update. We continue to try, and maybe someday we will succeed. 
  • Why should I read your reviews instead of others?
    • Don't. Read them in addition to others. I always think it's a good idea to find a few good reviewers you can trust and read what they have to say. I hope we can be that for you.
  • Why do out of town reviews? Isn’t this a CHICAGO site?
    • Why, yes it is. Are you a Chicagoan? Do you ever travel? We do out of town reviews for three reasons:
      • Because Chicagoans travel
      • Because there is great theatre everywhere
      • Because this blog can be read anywhere
  • Are you just using this page to explain stuff you don't have anywhere else to explain?
    • Isn't that what an FAQ page is for?
  • What plays are you seeing this month?
  1. More will be added as they are scheduled.