Site Naming Contest!

Got suggestions for a new and better name for our site? 

We loved our original name,, but it turned out to be too close to the already existing, so we determined we'd never get the traffic. So we sort of went with by default. It's a fun and frivolous name, and in some ways it is fine (it has Chicago and Drama in it) but the "girl" part, we fear, may also limit traffic: will an entire gender stay away because they mistakenly think the site isn't for them? Will people think it's for young people only? (Heck, I'm 60, a long time past girlhood, so that part is absurd!) 


We are looking for a better name, and we are offering two tickets to a Chicago play as a prize. 

The parameters:

  • It has to suggest "theatre" clearly.
  • It would be nice if it used the word "Chicago" but it doesn't have to.
  • It must be available as a .com site name. (Please check this on before submitting.)
  • You may submit as many names as you wish. 
  • I personally have to like it more than the current name.

Clearly, that final parameter means that this contest may not have a winner who renames the site, but someone will win the tickets. If the site name doesn't change, I'll award the tickets to the name I like best for whatever reason.

Good luck, and start submitting names!