4 AM

No, that is not the sequel to a Matchbox Twenty song.

Went to a play tonight and wrote the review, yeah; I always hurry with things like that

A green light recommend , a great show to exalt…and so very darned entertaining…

And don’t think, don’t think I’m complaining…

But, baby, it’s 4 AM and I’m still awake here. I tell you baby,

Might be nice if I dared go AWOL sometime… but tonight’s play’s at 8:00, I believe it…

OK, maybe it IS the sequel to a Matchbox Twenty song. Honestly, when I wrote that first line down, I didn’t¬†intend it to be. But it IS four in the morning, so the mind does funky things. ūüôā

I’ve always been a night owl. All my life. For the four decades I was a teacher, it was a little joke I had on myself. (I hate mornings; I hate the cold. So what’s my career?¬†School teacher in Chicago.) But the thing is that, during those decades, more often than not I did burn the candles at both ends. I’d stay up until one or two and then get up at 6:00. I don’t really know how I survived. But I know what’s going on now: my normal (abnormal) circadian rhythms are simply reasserting themselves. It’s easy: I get home from a play around 11:00; I talk to my daughter for a bit, maybe watch an episode of some TV show, then write the review. By then it’s easily 2:00, and I’m not tired.

See where this is going?

But seriously:¬†don’t think I’m complaining. I’m just telling you who I am: Karen The Night Owl. Late Night Dramagirl. The Critic Who Came In From The Cold But Wouldn’t Go To Bed. It’s just a fact.

Here’s another:

I love this gig! I’ve only been doing this for a month, but it’s fantastic. What wouldn’t be great about it? Plays and writing: my two favorite things (after kids, cats, and hubby). Even if my sleep has been permanently messed up, I don’t care. It’s worth it for the¬†experience of seeing so much Chicago theatre, whether good or not so good. (I have not yet seen a play I would outright pan, but I’m waiting…)

Ah well…
It’s 4:28. Maybe I’ll go to sleep when the sun comes up.¬†Damn. Now I have a Garth Brooks song in my head…

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