200 shows in about 300 days!

Today’s review of Treefall marks the 200th review posted by chicagoonstage.comI realized that yesterday and was momentarily amazed: a site that has only been in existence for about ten months has published that many reviews…and I have written the vast majority personally. What is even more amazing: for all but the last month, I lived in Vernon Hills, so all of those shows meant an hour to an hour and a half commute. I do not wish to calculate how many minutes that is sitting in traffic; I think it would make my brain sick.

I also have added a cadre of quality reviewers from Chicago (Joe DeRosa, Kelly MacBlane, Beverly Friend, Bradley Laas) and across the country (most recently Lauren Van Hemert), which has allowed me to cover more shows and begin my expansion of USAOnstage to more cities. I hope to continue this in the future.

A month ago, I moved into Chicago, and suddenly the fall theatre season (which is just about upon us) does not inspire me with dread. No more massive commutes except occasionally to outer suburbs, and lots more theatre. I pledge to continue my policy of reviewing as many shows as humanly possible and being available to review the smaller shows that are not as often seen by critics. Some of the ones like that from this year have been remarkable indeed.

And I look forward to year’s end, too, when I will publish my Best of 2018 lists. Believe me, the competition has already been fierce. It’s been fun and continues to be fun to insinuate myself into the Chicago theatre critics tribe. And I have made some good friends from my association with American Theatre Critics Association as well. I can only imagine what the rest of the year will bring, but I’m sure it will be spectacular.

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