New York, Day One

just a few random musings from this new york trip…

I awoke at 3 AM today and couldn’t get back to sleep. (Yes, you almost received another Matchbox Twenty-themed post, but I spared you.) Three hours later we were on the road. Three hours later we were in the air. Two hours later we were in the Big Apple.

Tonight’s show was Dear Evan HansenBecause I was exhausted, I took a three-hour nap in the afternoon, waking at 6:00. Crap. Show started at 7; no latecomers will be seated. And, even worse, I realized I had never printed the ticket, the only one I had bought from a third party site. So…scramble scramble scramble to get the hotel clerk to print it out and then…6:17.

Where is the train? He told me it was thirty seconds away but I’d be “lucky” to get to the show on time. I said I had to.

So I ran to the subway station. As I started to climb the stairs, I saw this: This station will have no trains to Manhattan Tues-Thurs 3PM-8PM. You have GOT to be kidding. But no time to lose now. I flew to the nearest busy street and hailed a cab.

Can you get me to Times Square, the Music Box Theatre, before 7? If you can, there’s a $20 tip for you.

I was there twenty minutes early.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city: a terrorist rolled over a couple dozen people on a bike path with a truck, killing at least eight. And the Village Halloween Parade went on as planned because…well why wouldn’t it? This is New York. The line is Rent says, “I’m a New Yorker; fear’s my life,” but I think that is not so much the truth after 9/11: this city is full of tough-minded souls who simply refuse to give in to someone who thinks he can manipulate them.

I can already tell that Uber is going to be important to me here. It got me from the airport to the hotel, and now it is going to have to be responsible to get me to shows.

Tomorrow, I see Come From Away, a play that takes place on 9/11. And the world just circles on.


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