Live in 5…4…3…2…1…

Obviously, I answered the Bard’s question in the affirmative.

Yes, it is true! We are live and online! There are still some errors and quirky points that I’m working on, I still need to create my own list of shows so I don’t need to borrow from others, and there are a few parts I still need to get done (like subscribing to local theatre news). But did you hear?

We are live!

We may only have five reviews right now, but that will quickly grow. (Just look at my upcoming reviews list!) And I’m still working on adding other reviewers as well. But none of that is any kind of issue because…after a solid eight days of work, including five (good lord!) all-nighters I had to make up with cat naps (and BTW I’m in the middle of #6 right now), we have reached TheatreCon One.  

And there’s only one thing to say to that:  (cause I do).

Welcome. Please come back. We will keep adding and adding. And we might even get that plug-in that creates the Playwrights’ Group to work! 🙂 So bring us your tired, your hungry, your poor…basically, your theatre people. Because is open for business.



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