new site name

To those who don’t know:

My site went live at 4:30 10/5/17. It was called, which is a massively cool name (so much so that I was utterly thrilled to find it available. And I saw that it was good, and I slept.


Then after a few hours I awoke, and I discovered that operated in Chicago. This is a huge operation; I couldn’t touch it in a million years.  And since it was going to (inevitably) suck all of the google mentions dry forever (effectively dooming my site before it even got going), I decided to rebrand…after twelve hours live.

So now the site is named after me, its host. It is called chicago drama girl and is located at And it is still good. And I’m going to bed. And it’s only 1:30 AM!

UPDATE 10/20/17:  We’ve changed the name again, we believe for the very last time. It is known now and forevermore as 🙂

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